Meta-Blaspheme for the Blasphemers

In the current climate, I cannot recommend to someone who is unmoved to believe things because of social pressure that they try to become academics or public figures, especially not if they are also the sort of person who is instinctually open and honest about what they believe. A lot of the most intelligent, interesting, and caring people that I know fall into this category. Unfortunately, by their nature, such people are rarely politically savvy. It comes with being the sort of person who is not at all tempted to say that the shorter line is the longer. Preference falsification is an essential part of social maneuvering, and it is totally alien to this sort.

It is not wise or just for the rest of us to go along with the sanctions our society places on these people. Being openly blasphemous is a bad idea for most people, granted, but so is pretending that there’s nothing wrong when the inquisition comes for the next most blasphemous in line. Part of the problem is that agreeing with me about this is itself blasphemous. Openly liking or sharing this post is a small risk. It is blasphemous to point out that the practice of punishing blasphemers is alive and well, and it is blasphemous to agree with someone else who points it out.

I propose a compromise. Do not be open about the many object level blasphemous thoughts that you almost certainly have. Leave that to those who cannot resist it. But when the mob comes for them, even if you think what they said was wrong, or that they should have known better than to say it, speak up for them. It might be too risky to say anything that mentions the accused by name, but say something. Say that thought and speech are not crimes. Say that it is wrong to let the mob determine guilt and sentence. Worst case scenario, literally say “the emperor has no clothes”. Everyone will know what you mean. Whatever you say, say it loudly, and encourage the others you know who are thinking it to say it too.

In the current climate, I cannot recommend to the misfits, the nerds, the rebels, the blasphemers, that they broadcast their most valuable thoughts openly. It is a terribly sad state of affairs, but in most cases, it is just not worth it for them. It will only get sadder if the rest of us stand idly by watching things get worse, saying nothing. It is not a small ask, but still I ask. Join me. Meta-blaspheme for the blasphemers.

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